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Here is a sample letter to Sam Farr:

Dear Representative Farr,

I am a constituent in your district and writing over concerns of proposed legislation called the Spectrum Innovation Act of 2011. I am a customer of the Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider Central Coast Internet (WISP) in Hollister. We have enjoyed their growing service, local responsiveness and I am taking this opportunity to help their cause.

As a small business our provider contributes to our community, is more responsive to our needs for growth and provides needed competition to big carriers like phone and cable who have ever rising rates and don't even attempt to provide Internet service in most of San Benito County. It is my understanding that this act will require the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to auction all licensed and unlicensed frequencies. We have been told the TV White Spaces that were vacated when the FCC moved the on-air TV channels were to be distributed partially to unlicensed spectrum. This would have allowed our Internet Provider to cover areas they can't cover with heavy vegetation and hills that block currently available neighborhoods in our area.

If unlicensed spectrum is auctioned it won't be available to smaller providers and the promise of revenue for the Treasury are not likely going to be adequate to even cover the FCC's costs of performing the auction. It will be enough to keep us and our provider from benefiting as these frequencies are made available. The sections we are concerned with is Section 104 and 105 it makes sure the available spectrum is fairly allocated for unlicensed use without the requirement of auction and that Congress instructs the FCC to accelerate their process of deploying those frequencies.

I want the deficit reduced and there has to be pain for everyone to accomplish this. The Internet is producing jobs and opportunities that are saving the economy during this recession so punishing the greatest growth area in jobs by making it less accessible is poor policy and short sighted. Please help my community by amending the Spectrum Act to allow for unlicensed frequencies to be free of auction and that more frequencies in the TV White Space are made available for unlicensed use.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

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