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Recommendations for dealing with buffering problems on NetFlix

Updated November 26, 2014

When you watch Netflix movies and TV episodes on your Central Coast Internet Fixed Wireless connection, you should be aware that a significant amount of data is being sent by the NetFlix server and consequently received by your Internet-enabled streaming device.

The quality of the streaming picture depends greatly on the settings that you use in the NetFlix setup parameters.

Our standard configuration for customers who don't do a lot of streaming is to allow a "burst" of speed beyond your subscribed speed when you begin to download data. This allows quick downloads to happen faster than your subscribed speed. This works well when downloading normal web data or small to medium sized files (like software updates, etc).

When NetFlix (and perhaps some other streaming servers) begin a download for a movie, they take a sample of the speed that your TV sees from the Internet. It then adapts the compression algorithm to utilize that bandwidth. Since the movie is likely to take more than 30 or 40 seconds, the NetFlix server will decide that you are able to continuously download data at the "bursted" data rate. Since that "bursted" data rate will only happen for the first 30 seconds, the rest of the movie will sometimes experience buffering. If you routinely watch streaming movies, you should call us and make sure that we have disabled the burst mode on your account.

If your subscribed data rate is not allowing you to download Netflix movies without buffering, you should login to Netflix and change your settings. As of today, the following procedure works for US Netflix accounts.

  1. login to Netflix
    Netflix Login Screen

  2. From the upper-right corner select "Your Account"
    Netflix Account Screen

  3. Select Playback Settings on the profile page
    Netflix Profile Screen

  4. Select the desired playback setting on the profile page
    (Usually "low" or "Medium").
    Netflix Playback Screen

That's all there is to it. If you have any questions, you can always call us at 831-630-9361